Arise from the ashes!

She was finally ready to let go of the past

to end the constant wondering, to lay down the hurt and pain

As she gathered the sticks around her body she dared to dream

Dared to imagine a bright new future

Dared to hope for a new fresh start

Dared to imagine herself as a new creation

As she prepared the nest of sticks around her she wondered

what it would be like to be free to fly again?

As the nest of sticks surrounded her she surrendered herself to the next painful process, reminding herself that this short-term pain would bring long-term gain

As the flames roared around her she screamed out all the pent-up rage that had once brewed so strongly inside her

After sometime all that could be seen was a pile of ashes

But looking closer you could see her there, waiting for the right moment

Just as the last ember died she started to arise

Slowly at first, weighed down by the ash, she struggled until the ashes finally parted and allowed her to rise

Slowly she stood and saw that she was a glorious new creation

She had a new magnificent set of wings, even more beautiful than the old ones

Her eyes had a new spark and her heart beat strong and pure in her chest

Yes! She had a deep knowing that the future was going to be bright and amazing!

He Has Won – Vertical Worship – YouTube video

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