Cocoon of Love

I struggled and fought in the cocoon of love

I refused to accept its crushing confines

As I fought my way out I felt victorious

But my victory was short lived for I found my wings had no strength

I flapped my wings and saw the work yet to be done

I collapsed and cried in utter defeat

Wondering why I was unable to fly

I crawled back into the cocoon of love and tried to draw the tattered layers back around my body

I surrendered to the process of being strengthened

I realised I had so much more growing to do

My song of surrender became a sweet sweet sound of love

The cocoon of love gently wove itself around me

I allowed the close confines to remind me of how close i was to God’s heart

The days dragged on and the months gradually passed

I learnt to pray with great thankfulness

I learnt to praise within that cocoon of great love

I wiggled at times but I learnt to stop resisting the work that was being done

I dreamt about the day I would fly and tried to imagine how glorious it would be

A great expectation sparked in my chest as I saw the day approach

As I wiggled one day I realised the cocoon of love had softened and no longer felt stiff and confining

As i wiggled some more I realised my wings had grown so big

As I wiggled some more I heard God call me forth

So I excitedly wiggled and pushed on the cocoon

I saw light break through and tore at the hole

I emerged into the sunlight gloriously new

I flapped my wings and saw the work was finished, I was ready to fly!

Oh what a glorious day

Oh how wonderful it is

To know I can soar and do great things!

I smile as I look back at my cocoon of love

I smile and remember all the lessons I’ve learned

I smile at the patience of my living God, who saw it fit to wrap me within His great love

I smile and go forth to declare His true love

I smile and I soar within His great love

I now dip and dive and fly with my Lord

I allow the current of His great love to lift me up and carry me

I need to never fear for He won’t let me fall

I am held and steadied with His hands of love

“‘Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus” – Casting Crowns – YouTube lyrics video

Image – Pixabay

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