Ready For Revival

A little while ago I awoke from a dream. In my dream I was in an unfamiliar place surrounded by women I do not recognise. I was praying and worshiping with them and I felt such a hunger, a longing for revival. The worship was astounding with many people down on the floor. I sensed that they were discouraged and I said: ‘we need to be ready as the weight of God’s glory is heavy.’

As I awoke I heard the words:

Are you ready?

Revival is stirring

Revival is coming

Are you ready?

The weight of God’s glory is heavy and holy

Are you ready?

Have you been preparing, waiting and praying?

Are you hungry and thirsty like never before?

Are you ready?

Because revival is stirring in many hearts

Because revival is coming ready or not!

So please get ready!
“Help us, O God of our salvation! Help us for the glory of your name. Save us and forgive our sins for the honor of your name.” Psalms 79:9 (NLT)
God says to the prodigal: My beloved one, you’re welcome home!1

No one has to be afraid

For love is stronger than the grave

The hand of God has made a way

His name is Jesus2


Fear God for He is so mighty!

Bow down with awe and reverence, for He alone is worthy.

Give Him great glory and honour, let your praises ring out!

The hour of God’s great judgement has come!

With all of your heart bow down and worship the One who created the heaven and the earth.

With all of your might bow down and worship the One who created the sea and the springs of water.

“Then I witnessed another angel flying in the sky, carrying a message of eternal good news to announce to the earth—to every tribe, language, people, and nation. With a loud voice he shouted, “You must reverence God and glorify him, for the time has come for him to judge. Worship at the feet of the Creator of heaven, earth, sea, and springs of water.” Revelation 14:6-7 (TPT)


For those who have been pressing in for revival, please be encouraged and keep praying, don’t give up and lose heart (Luke 18:1).

I encourage you to:


Let’s pray:

Thank You that I can pray with confidence, knowing that God hears and (1 John 5:14-15).

I pray that I will be guided by the Holy Spirit every time I draw near to God and pray.

I ask for a persistent heart that asks and keeps on asking, knowing that those who keep on asking RECEIVE.

I request a hunger to seek and keep on seeking, knowing that those who keep on seeking FIND.

I desire a faithfulness to knock and keep on knocking, knowing that those who keep knocking will see the door OPENED.  (Matthew 7:7-8).

Lord Jesus I want to walk in Your ways and so I invite You to come and teach me.

Holy Spirit I invite You to come and touch my life and do a great work within.

Lord release Your great glory, let us hear the sound of Your coming. We invite You to come and fill this whole landscape with Your glory! (Inspired by Ezekiel 43:2 NLT)

Spirit of the sovereign Lord

Come and make Your presence known

Reveal the glory of the Living God

Spirit of the sovereign Lord

Come and make Your presence known

Reveal the glory of the Living God

Let the weight of Your glory cover us

Let the life of Your river flow

Let the truth of Your kingdom reign in us

Let the weight of Your glory

Let the weight of Your glory fall


We do not seek Your hand

We only seek Your face

We want to know You

We want to see You

Reveal Your glory in this place3


In Jesus’ mighty name I pray, Amen.


I’ve created a playlist of songs that have been encouraging me to keep pressing in:

Heart of God – Hillsong Young & Free

Here I am to worship – Tim Hughes

Oceans – Reyer

Spirit Medley – Steve Green

More – Lawrence Flowers

More – Jeremy Riddle

Move – Jesus Culture

Come and Move – Bryan & Katie Torwalt

However You want – Jesus Culture

Isn’t He (This Jesus) – The Belonging Co

Lion and the Lamb – Bethel Music & Leeland

Greatness of Your Glory – Bethel Music & Brian Johnson

Let the Weight of Your Glory Fall – Paul Wilbur

Let Your Fire Fall – Paul Wilbur

You can listen via the playlist I created on YouTube

Many blessings, Keona


1: part lyrics of ‘Heart Of God’ written by Aodhan King and Jonas Myrin sung by Hillsong Young & Free.

2: part lyrics of ‘Greatness of Your Glory’ written by Brian Johnson, Chris Tomlin, Matt Maher and Brenton Gifford Brown (Bethel Music & Brian Johnson)

3: lyrics of ‘Let the Weight of Your Glory Fall’ written by Steve Merkel, sung by Paul Wilbur.